Shocking: House Fire Causes 3 Children`s Death While 11 Year Old Babysits

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A really horrific incident occurred in Sheboygan, WI recently when parents were out at what is said to have been bible study while their four kids — 11, 10, 9 and 7 — were home. A fire then broke out and the Sheboygan Press reported that one of the children escaped. The oldest went back in to get the younger ones and she died, as did her 7 year old brother. Their 10 year old brother is still in critical condition.

There’s now a lot of debate about whether or not these kids were old enough to be left alone at home without adult supervision. However it’s certainly not the parent’s fault that the fire broke out. This incident is a real tragedy, either way you look at it.

Have you ever wondered what you would do if a fire were to break out in your home?

Here are some important prevention and safety tips when it comes to home fires, which you can educate your children with:

Teach your kids to:

  • Never touch radiators or heaters or stand too close to a fireplace or wood stove, either.
  • Never touch matches. Stay away from lighters and candles, too.
  • Not play with electrical cords and don’t stick anything into an electrical socket.
  • Don’t put anything over a lamp. Things thrown over a lamp (like a scarf or blanket) could catch fire

If a fire should break out, ensure you and your children are prepared:

  • Have an escape plan. Work together to plan how to get out of your home if there is a fire
  • Choose a meeting place. Pick a safe and easy-to-remember place outside your home where you will meet your family after you get out of the house
  • Plan two ways out of every room. The first way out should be a door.
  • Drill! Every escape path needs to be planned and practiced with grown-ups.
  • If you have smoke alarms – test them regularly

An important thing to remember is that if your clothing catches fire, remember to stop where you are and drop to the ground. Cover your face and mouth with your hands, and roll over and over until the flames are out.

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