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2-Month-Old Baby Dies On Flight To Perth

Parents of a 2-month-old baby who died on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Perth on Monday morning are absolutely heartbroken.

They were about to start a new life for themselves in Australia.

A passenger who assisted the parents in caring of their sick baby said the Saudi couple were ‘on their way their way to start a new life for themselves here in Australia.’  

The baby girl named Farah was reportedly ‘crying continuously’, in what the passenger described as ‘two and-a-half hours of chaos’.

‘I immediately knew something was horribly wrong and shouted out to the passengers to see if there were any doctors on board,‘ passenger Nadia Parenzee said in a Facebook post.

‘I had a new born baby take her last dying breath in my arms.’ 

My heart is numb and I don’t know how to feel but I am honestly honoured to have held her and read a prayer on her before she passed,‘ she said.

Parenzee said that the baby’s parents are from Saudi Arabia, and were on their way to Perth for a fresh start.

The woman praised the staff on board the Air Asia flight, ‘you were amazing and I commend your professionalism.’

The plane reportedly landed at Perth International Airport at 5.30am and was met by police, paramedics and airport authorities when it arrived at 5.30 on Monday morning.

‘Looks like the doctor/paramedic and police officers have come out from the aircraft,‘ a witness traveler wrote on Twitter.

A baby capsule was seen being removed from the plane and police have taken away bags of evidence.

Police and forensic investigators were at the scene to complete a final investigation into the baby’s death, and to interview staff who were on board the flight.

The airline has since released a statement saying that they will not be commenting further on the death.

‘The safety and well being of our guests is always our number one priority, and in accordance with procedure, the flight crew requested medical assistance on landing,‘ he said.

‘Our thoughts are with the infant and family involved.’

Police have provided no further information other than that a report will be prepared for the Coroner.

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