15 Childproofing Tips And Tricks

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7. Temporary Tattoos

This is a great solution if you are going away on holiday.


8. Secret Spray

Keep the nightmares at bay with this cool spray!


9. Shoe Sticker

“Banana Feet’ comes to mind! What a great idea…


10. Save those little fingers!

A little elastic band can save many a tear.


11. Trampoline Safety

If you have a trampoline you will know the plastic sheeting over the coils never lasts long, so if you like most parents with an older trampoline this is a great way to cover the coils.


12. Door Handles

Every kitchen cabinet and white goods have different angles and sizes and often it’s hard to find the right fixture, but how is this for a simple DIY solution?


13. Upper Floor Windows

Like most houses, the bedrooms tend to be on the upper floors. For your own peace of mind and to keep the little ones safe, get one of these.


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14. Books

This is a brilliant idea, instead of removing your books from the shelf just do this!


15. DIY Non-Slip Socks

Most toddlers hate to wear shoes and when the alternative to keeping those little toes warm is socks, this poses as a risk with those slippery floors. But what a great idea this is and it’s not expensive. Using Tulip Slick Paints.



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