15 Childproofing Tips And Tricks

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Sometimes parents just need a reminder of the simple things we can do to help protect our kids… I often look at these and think why didn’t I think of that? You don’t have to spend a fortune on childproofing! Try these hacks…

Childproofing Hacks:

1. Lego & Small Toys

Have you ever wondered the sheer scale of germs left on toys? If you want to keep the flu and colds away be sure to do this every so often.




2. Dice

Controlling where the dice gets thrown with little ones around is not always easy, plus they always seem to vanish. Here is a great tip to make sure they stay together and stay in one place.


3. Ice Pack

What a brilliant hack! Kids never like to have ice, as it is, so by doing this adds a little fun and excitement plus it does the job.


4. Missing Kids

We wouldn’t wish this on anyone but public places are extremely stressful parents. This handy tip ensure if your child gets lost you at least have a very recent photo of them AND what they are wearing.


5.  Hot Buckles

Ouch! And what a simple solution?


6. Telephone Number Bangles 

Such a simple but effective solution and the kids will love to decorate the bangles themselves.



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