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11-Year-Old Finds Mom Dead In Bathroom

An 11-year-old girl from Atlanta found her mother dead on a bathroom floor, according to Atlanta Police Department.

Karlea Thomas was found dead with marks on her body, including her neck, according to police.

Her daughter, Cayla, found her on the bathroom floor. Authorities say that Thomas’ boyfriend is being interviewed by police. Neal spoke about her fondest memory of his sister:

She was funny, really funny,” said Neal. “i used to go over to her house, and we used to put on weaves. And we could make videos, like little skits.”

Thomas’ family is working to sort out how to help Cayla.

“What’s her education going to be like?,” said Neal.”Everything she needed and depended on was with her mom. Our family is not rich, and we appreciate any help you can give.”

Police are awaiting further information from the medical examiner. They do not expect results until early next week.

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