Viral: 10 Ways to Salvage a Bad Morning Before Parting Ways

October 14, 2017
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Viral: 10 Ways to Salvage a Bad Morning Before Parting Ways

1. Notice the good — any and all you could find — even if it is simply just a “I am so glad to see your face this morning,” or “You’ve always had a knack for unique clothing combinations!”

2. If someone is grumpy, let them do something you usually do, like pouring the milk from a small pitcher, adding brown sugar to oatmeal, or decorating a sticky note to put in a family member’s lunch box or briefcase.

3. Pull out a “When you were little…” story. A child’s image of himself tearing pancakes into itty-bitty pieces or calling strawberries “strawbabies” has the potential of bringing a smile.

4. Open your arms. No need to say anything. Just hold on.

5. Decide if it’s a battle worth fighting. If it isn’t, take a deep breath and move along. If it is, speak in a tone that can be heard. Listen in a way that conveys care and concern.

6. Release control of the situation with a peacemaking invitation, like: How would you do it? Show me.

7. Give it two minutes. Sit next to him. Rub her back. Get at eye level. Giving two minutes won’t break the schedule, but it could make all the difference in someone’s day.

8. Be especially generous with forgiveness in the morning hours. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Can we start over?” Do-overs are a priceless gift that cost nothing but bring great value.

9. Think to yourself:
That’s someone’s baby. That’s my baby. Seeing him or her as a human being who is learning and growing can offer a shred of patience and perspective to get you through a struggling moment.

10. When a situation is going-down-hill quickly, give yourself a three-second preview of what an angry, critical, or sarcastic response might do. Would it make the situation better or worse? A three-second pause can save a morning, spare the pain, and prevent regret.

On mornings that are not salvageable, remember this: Day after day, you provide countless doses of love without even thinking about it. That sacred collection of loving gestures far outweighs this morning’s clothing drama, burnt toast, and 7 a.m. meltdown. Remember: Love prevails over failures, flaws, and even disastrous mornings.

When was the last time you had to circle back home for a vital piece of the day you forgot? How irritated were you?

Viral: Teen Girl Comes Running at Him. Takes One Look at Her Face, Hops in Truck and Calls 911

Some believes that there are no coincidences, that everything happens for a reason. I don’t know what Earl Melchert believed before Sept. 5, but I bet he’ll never grumble about such an error ever again.

Melchert had returned to his home in Barrett, Minnesota mid-day to pick up the diesel can he’d intended to fill up on his way home from work. In the distance, he spied what he thought was a deer, but as it ran closer, he realized it was a person!

The deer turned out to be a terrified 15-year-old girl by the name of Jasmine Block. She was soaking wet and anxious to take refuge inside Melchert’s truck.
Melcher, however, recognized the girl instantly. He’d seen her face on the news, on flyers, and plastered across the internet. Block had been missing from her Alexandria, Minnesota home since Aug. 9.

According to Block, on that night Jay Baker, the 32-year-old father of her friend, came to her home late at night soliciting her help with his son. Block got into his truck and accompanied Barker to his house in Carlos, Minnesota.

Once there, Block was restrained with zip ties. For 29 days, Baker, along with his two friends Jason Lee Holby, 31, and Michael Samuel Powers, 21, kept and continously sexually assaulted her. They repeatedly moved her to different locations.

Block told investigators that Baker tried to kill her thrice, once by trying to drown her in the bathtub, though he lacked the needed strength due to his cerebral palsy. On Sept. 5, two of the men were transporting Block in a duffel back in the back of a pick-up truck. When the two went inside a convenience store, Block saw her opportunity and made a dash for it. When she was not successful finding help in nearby houses, she swam across a lake reaching land near Melchert’s home.

Block’s captors were actively looking for her, hence her desperation to get inside Melchert’s truck. She pointed them out as Melchert called 911, and again when the police arrived, which ultimately led to the arrest of all three presumed captors.

Powers has confessed to spending two weeks at Baker’s residence and engaging in sexual conduct with the child. Baker, on the other hand, admits to heavy drug and alcohol use but refutes any accusations of acquaintance with Block, including picking her up and holding her captive.

For Melchert’s efforts, the Alexandria Police Department presented the reward money offered to anyone who assisted in Block’s return. The $7,000 appreciation was put up by Block’s family and an anonymous donor.

Today we witnessed an incredible example of kindness. Earl Melchert, the man who made the call everyone was waiting for on 09-05-17, was presented with the reward money that had been offered by the Sarah Block family and an anonymous source.
What no one expected was the kindness and generosity that came straight from Earl’s heart today. He believes that young lady that came running towards him that September day is the real hero and without hesitation, Earl handed the reward over to her, followed by a big hug. Thank you Earl, it is people like you that make this world a better place.
Have a great day everyone and please remember to be kind to one another.
Chief Rick Wyffels

Melchert, who just retired last week, surprised everyone when he smile, turned, and immediately handed the check to Block and gave her a big hug. “It’s the best thing I could have ever done,” said Melchert to the New York Times. “What a retirement present, to hand over some money to people that really need it.”

If Melchert hadn’t left his diesel can, he wouldn’t have been home to save Block’s life. The next time I have to double back in my day, instead of being frustrated, I’ll ask myself how this may fit in a bigger picture.

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