ALERT – Horrified Parent Writes Warning to All Parents When “Innocent” Henna Tattoo Sends Child to Hospital

October 12, 2017
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…burn specialists actually had to cut off her…

ALERT – Horrified Parent Writes Warning to All Parents When “Innocent” Henna Tattoo Sends Child to Hospital

Getting a henna tattoo may seem like a completely innocent and commonplace way to have fun and express yourself. For most people, there is nothing permanent about them.

However, one family had an experience with henna tattoos that may had made a permanent impact on their 7-year-old daughter, Madison Gulliver. It all started after her mother fell ill on a family vacation.

While staying at a hotel in Hurghada, Egypt, Mom Gulliver suffered from a gallbladder infection and had to go to the hospital. Her son and daughter stayed by her side without complaining.
As a reward for tending to their mother so well, their father took them to the hotel salon to get temporary, black henna tattoos. Madison’s brother, Sebastian, 9, complained that his tattoo was itchy, so they washed it off.

From: Ranjeeta henna Art’s Facebook

Madison did not have any complaints until they had arrived home in England. She began to complain that her tattoo was itchy, too, and her parents noticed that a red rash was developing on her arm.

When it started to blister, her parents became very concerned. They began doing some research prompting them to take her to the doctor.
After cream was not effective, she was rushed to the emergency room and then to the Salisbury District Hospital burn specialists. The doctors found para-phenylenediamine at high levels in Madison’s burns.

PPD is commonly added to henna to make the tattoos appear darker. Apparently, there was more than enough PPD in the henna used on Madison’s tattoo that it caused an adverse reaction.
The blisters on Madison’s arm were so thick that burn specialists actually had to cut off her blisters in order to treat the burns underneath. Madison’s dad said she was very brave through out the whole ordeal.

“She wanted to see what they were doing so we couldn’t get her to look away. She was really strong and kept saying, ‘you’ve missed one,’” he said.
A similar case occurred in Morocco in April. The morning after getting a henna tattoo on the street, Sophie Akis noticed horrible blisters all over her hands.
She had no means of visiting the hospital in Morocoo, so pharmacists there had to bandage her hands for the long trip home. Akis is now warning others about the dangers of black henna.

The FDA has been warning people for several years to be very cautious about using “black” henna, which really isn’t henna at all. While the traditional reddish-brown henna used in Africa and Asia is generally harmless, black henna uses chemicals that are banned from use in hair dye.

That chemical is PPD, the very chemical that caused Madison so much pain. It is critically important to be very wary of black or blue henna tattoos, and to make sure that the formula being used does not contain any harmful chemicals.
Poor Madison has suffered a lot because of her injuries, but she braved through it all. Her parents hope that speaking about their scary experience with black henna shall help other families avoiding the same fate!

Viral: Four 5th Grade Boys Dress In Onesies. When They Look Up, The Crowd Burst Into Laughter

As a child, the school talent show was the best way to show how funny you were and impressed your fellow peers by doing something you love! That’s why these boys decided to perform in their talent show this year.

The crowd is glad they did, because these four boys are hilarious! Their act is truly one-of-a-kind.

This group of fifth graders had practiced for weeks and were more than ready to blow the crowd away during the New Braunfels Christian Academy talent show! They knew that their routine was extremely hilarious and they hoped that their classmates would feel the same way.

Before the act begins, they all hid under a big black sheet. Then the fabric was lifted and the goofiness begins…

Together, the boys created elaborate puppet-like costumes that made them look like babies wearing bibs and onesies. As soon as Taylor Swift’s hit song “Shake It Off” came to play over the loudspeakers, the boys jump right into their routine!

They dance in a perfectly choreographed routine that makes their classmates and teachers giggle. As if the silly moves weren’t enough, the fifth graders use sunglasses and baseball caps to make their routine unforgettable.

Even though their use of props was funny, it’s the synchronized dance moves that make the crowd erupted into laughter! These four were the highlight of the show.
Their creative routine had everyone rolled over. These four aren’t the type to bust a move like this, so their act was surprising.

The moment the boys wrap up their performance and “Shake It Off” fades away, their fellow students clap with all of their might. It’s clear that this routine was going to make the boys surefire comedic genius around the school hallways!

Maybe these four actually have a future in acting? Or stand-up comedy?

Watch their hilarious routine in the video below. These boys sure do know how to make a crowd laugh out loud!


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